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Lezíria Parque Hotel

Vila Franca de Xira offers a vast landscape and architectural heritage, with palaces, country houses and monuments that tell countless stories. The Tagus Estuary stands out, a natural treasure where bird watching, an activity per excellence in Nature Tourism, can be practised in the respective Natural Reserve, which has a Bird Watching and Visiting Area (EVOA). Also in the visits to the Varino Liberdade Boat it is possible to take advantage of the beauty and conditions of excellence of the reserve.

Likewise, we can find regional gastronomy campaigns, events such as the Annual Fair and the National Craftsmanship Hall, the Bullfighting Culture Week and the Vest Festival, among others.

Tagus Estuary

The Tagus Natural Reserve extends to Vila Franca de Xira, in an area of pastureland where bulls and horses are bred for Portuguese style bullfighting. You can visit the Natural Reserve on foot, by bicycle or by car, following the proposed routes. If you want to have a different perspective, you can take a ride in one of the typical boats that used to cross the river, transporting people and goods, such as frigates and varinos.

Varino Liberdade Boat

A walk on the Varino Liberdade Boat is a unique experience both for its heritage value and its historical value, which make it a Museum Nucleus of the Vila Franca de Xira Municipal Museum. In just one visit you can enjoy nature, fluvial and cultural tourism.
The scenery provides a source of knowledge, enlivening the memories of the people of the riverside, of which the diversity of the fauna and flora of the Tagus Estuary is also a part, which can be appreciated.


The gastronomy is one of the main attractions of Vila Franca de Xira, whose flavour stands out for the work related to fishing and rural work. Among the dishes that stand out in this area are fried shad, eggs açorda (soup), torricado cod, baked cod, cod soup, linguadinhos, Lezíria melon (one of the agricultural products with the greatest projection at a national level) and Garraios and Lezírias (regional cakes).
Don't miss out on the most delicious specialities of the region!

Festival of the Incarnated Vest

This festival is one of the most important in the Portuguese region of Ribatejo. In this festivity, every year the campino (caretaker of wild bulls) is honoured during the first weekend of July. Thousands of fans and tourists visit the city, attracted by the release (start) of bulls, folk groups, concerts and religious festivals.